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Make Image Viewing Simple on Mac - Windows Gene
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View Images Directly

Zoom with mouse wheel, flip pages with arrow keys; Flip pages with two-finger swipe on trackpad, pinch to zoom, direct image access.


Very Windows

Double-click to open, arrow keys to switch left/right, mouse wheel to zoom.

Trackpad Support

Two-finger swipe to flip pages, two-finger pinch to zoom images.

Full Keyboard Support

Arrow keys to flip pages left/right, up/down to zoom, Command + up/down keys to move within image.

View Anywhere Instantly

Fast loading, swift browsing, supports numerous formats, view then go, clean and slick.


Supports Various Formats

Supports viewing over 30 formats including PNG, JPG, WEBP, BMP, ICO, GIF, CR2, CR3, NEF and more.

EXIF Metadata Viewing

Supports viewing image properties such as color model, capture time, camera lens model, ISO sensitivity, aperture value, exposure time and more.

Optimized for Long Images

View long images, automatically position to top, pan to move, zoom in with scroll wheel, inspect details.

Slideshow Playback

Random, looped auto flip pages, or full screen immersive viewing, appreciate the beauty of images.

Multi-Window Mode

Fixed window size, window fits image size, multiple modes, there is always one you like.


Window Size Strategies

Window size fixed, window size fits image size, two modes, switch instantly.

Open Image Viewing Mode

View images overlapped in a single window, compare images side-by-side in multiple windows. The simplicity and complexity lies in one thought.

Folder Browsing

Authorize the entire disk space, double-click to open images, you can browse all pictures under the folder where the image is located.

Stickers and Pinned Images

Turn any image, text into a sticky note and paste it on the desktop for convenient viewing and comparison.


Clipboard Stickers

Paste images, text, HTML, etc. from the clipboard onto the desktop.

Pin Images for Viewing with Double-click

Double-click on an image or open an image sticker on the desktop to view the image.

Scroll Wheel Zoom for Stickers

Sticker zooming with mouse scroll wheel, double-click to close or shrink stickers, supports image operations like flip and mirror.