# Download

Non-Mac App Store (UMAS) Download, requires macOS 10.15 or later

PS: After downloading, double click the DMG to install.

# Version history

# v1.2.5 (2024.07.07 MAS)

  • Added image filtering by format
  • Added custom shortcuts
  • Added save shortcut
  • Added "Open Pinned Image" option in the File menu
  • Added automatic cursor hiding in fullscreen image viewing
  • Added image dragging for copying
  • Added adjustable transparency for stickers
  • Added zoom in/out functionality for stickers
  • Added double-click zooming centered on the clicked point for stickers
  • Added drag-to-resize feature for stickers on the edges
  • Improved image sorting functionality
  • Optimized external disk deletion logic
  • Fixed display issue with PSD format backgrounds
  • Fixed other issues

# v1.2.4 (2024.04.11 MAS + UMAS)

  • Fix slow loading issue under certain conditions.

# v1.2.3 (2024.04.06 MAS + UMAS)

  • Added double-click to zoom in on images and double-click again to restore functionality.
  • Added the ability to directly pin images from the clipboard.
  • Added the option to hide the bird's-eye view when the mouse hovers over it.
  • Added the ability to sort images by capture time.
  • Added the option to automatically close the image viewing window after pinning an image.
  • Fixed an issue where images would not fill the window under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where sensitivity settings were not displaying in certain cases.
  • Fixed a grayed-out right-click menu issue in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a problem where the window width would exceed the screen width in certain cases.
  • Fixed a deletion issue in certain scenarios.
  • Optimized the display of the operation prompt view in the bottom-left corner.
  • Improved the image viewing experience.

# v1.2.2 (2024.03.10 MAS)

  • Fixed GIF pages displaying incorrectly when flipped
  • Optimized image text recognition
  • Fixed other issues

# v1.2.1 (2024.03.07 MAS)

  • Added browsing photos sorted by creation time
  • Added page/zoom/move shortcut key operation prompts
  • Added silent delete with Command + Delete
  • Fixed GIF animation issues
  • Fixed other issues

# v1.2.0 (2024.02.25 MAS)

  • Fix folder/file change causing Refresh issues.
  • Provide response strategy when detecting folder/file changes.
  • Fix other issues.

# v1.1.9 (2024.02.23 MAS)

  • Fixed mouse page issue under certain conditions

# v1.1.8 (2024.02.21 MAS)

  • Added looping browsing feature
  • Added option to hide page loading indicator
  • Added adjustable size for sidebar thumbnails
  • Added automatic clearing of thumbnail cache on application exit
  • Improved display of currently selected thumbnail in the sidebar
  • Enhanced trackpad gestures for paging, zooming, and panning
  • Improved display of thumbnails for recently opened folders
  • Improved display of floating window icon
  • Optimized loading speed for recursively iterating subfolders
  • Optimized and fixed display of title bar and bottom toolbar in certain scenarios
  • Fixed various other issues

# v1.1.7 (2023.12.22 MAS + UMAS)

  • Fix bugs

# v1.1.6(2023.12.20 MAS)

  • Added option to clear history on exit.
  • Added option to prompt for confirmation before deleting files.
  • Added option for recursive scanning of subfolders.
  • Added double-click to enter fullscreen mode.
  • Added full screen and images scale to fit screen zoom mode.
  • Added ability to paste text/images from clipboard into the image viewing window.
  • Added shortcut for floating window mode.
  • Added shortcut for hiding/showing thumbnails.
  • Added support for opening folders by dragging and dropping onto the application icon in the Dock.
  • Fixed various other issues.

# v1.1.5(2023.11.29 MAS)

  • Fixed live text issuse on macOS 13

# v1.1.4 (2023.11.24 MAS)

  • Added Live Text in images.
  • Added detection of main objects in images.
  • Added image scaling to 1:1 ratio.
  • Added image scaling to default ratio.
  • Fixed some issues.

# v1.1.3 (2023.11.19 MAS)

  • Added support for large arrow pagination.
  • Fixed several issues.

# v1.1.2 (2023.11.14 MAS + UMAS)

  • Improved main menu functionality.
  • Added a new feature to open recently viewed images.
  • Fixed image offset issues.
  • Fixed various other issues.

# v1.1.1 (2023.11.03 MAS + UMAS)

  • Added adjustable width for image property sidebar
  • Added copyable text for image properties
  • Added multiple view modes for image zooming in windows
  • Added sorting by file extensions
  • Optimized logic for deleting images on external devices
  • Optimized image rotation and flipping
  • Optimized right-click menu
  • Optimized image loading speed
  • Fixed some issues

# v1.1.0(2023.10.10 UMAS + MAS)

  • Added display of IPTC and other metadata
  • Added file/folder change detection feature
  • Fixed connection error to server
  • Fixed unnamed window title issue on Dock
  • Adapted to macOS Sonoma 14.0
  • Updated RAW parsing library

# v1.0.6(2023.08.20)

  • Fixed some issues

# v1.0.4(2023.08.17)

  • Fixed some issues

# v1.0.3(2023.08.14)

  • Optimized memory usage
  • Fixed issue where GIFs would not play
  • Optimized double-click to close logic
  • Added option to hide dock icon
  • Added close all windows to quit app
  • Fixed some other issues

# v1.0.0(2023.08.02)

  • First release